Challenging Heights Annual Report

At the beginning of 2017, we announced our new goal of ending child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry by 2022.

We’re off to a flying start, having exceeded our target number of children rescued this year and providing continuing support to reintegrated children.

Here’s more about our impact.

By the numbers


children rescued

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childrenĀ cared for


children reintegrated


children monitored



families supported

When it comes to our mission to end child trafficking, reduce child slavery, and promote children’s rights, it is importand to remember the human beings that our work impacts.

This summer Kweku* and Kojo* were reintegrated with their mother. She was overjoyed at their arrival; she ran from the house to meet them with her arms flung open, ready to embrace them. The smile spread across her face is unforgettable.

When Mrs. Arthur’s sister died while giving birth to her third child, Mrs. Arthur could not stand for the idea of her niece and nephews not having a chance at an education. She offered to take them all in, but discovered the older two had been trafficked to Lake Volta.

Mrs. Arthur came to Challenging Heights for help rescuing them. With five childre of her own, all in school, she knew it would be difficult to care for three more.

When she received the livelihoods support upon their reintegration, she was excited. She was able to expand her business from a simple corn mill to a provisions shop.

She uses the profits to ensure all her children go to school. “This business is the backbone of the family,” she said.


We are extremely grateful for all of our funders who make this work possible. Here’s a breakdown of our funding soures for 2017.

Using our funding in the most effective and impactful way is important to us. Here’s where our funding went in 2017.

Full financials available upon request.

You can make this impact even greater as we end child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry.

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