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Members of the Freedom Family care about meeting the ongoing needs of rescued children.

Life at the Challenging Heights Hovde House

The Challenging Heights Hovde House is where children who have been rescued from modern slavery begin their path to recovery. As a part of the Freedom Family, you will be providing for specific needs, just as you do in a family.

Psychological and Emotional Care

The boys and girls who come to the Challenging Heights Hovde House have often experienced significant trauma. Your support gives them much needed therapy and care.

Medical and Nutritional Care

When the children arrive at the Challenging Heights Hovde House, they are taken to see a doctor and receive any necessary medical treatment, whether for disease or malnutrition. Your support provides the necessary medicine and nutritious meals.

Time for a childhood

Having a chance to play is usually the biggest highlight for the boys and girls at the Challenging Heights Hovde House. There are weekly football matches, and lots of time for a chance at childhood. Your support ensures they have a variety of play things at their disposal.

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Here’s an idea of what your monthly recurring donation can provide to the children at the Challenging Heights Hovde House.



Clothing and personal affects for one child



Ongoing medical treatment for two children



Educational materials for a class of 10 children



Food and clean drinking water for one child for the month



Good behaviour rewards and prizes, and sports and play equipment for all the children

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