What are sponsorship projects?

A committee of staff who work closely with the children to decide upon the sponsorship projects in collaboration with the students themselves. They meet regularly to discuss and debate various needs in the school and how these can be addressed. The committee works under the remit that any interventions must firstly assist the most at-risk and vulnerable children to attend school and secondly, must not be implemented in any way that risks creating differences or divisions amongst the children. By following this protocol, the sponsorship programme is able to actively tackle the barriers that often prevent children from gaining an education.


Here’s an overview of some of the projects being implemented at the school and how this has helped to support our pupils.

Lunch Money to Help Keep Children in School

24 October 2013

This term, we have begun our donor-sponsored Feeding Program, which provides a small daily stipend for indicated students to buy food at the school canteen. This allows the children to stay in school and remain attentive and focused in the classroom so that they can adequately complete their studies. As they continue to work hard in class, they will be able to receive their education and build a better future for themselves.

Additional Classrooms for Junior High Class 3

26 September 2013

Challenging Heights has continued to grow! For this school year, it has become necessary to expand to meet the needs of our students. This term we have added two additional classrooms to house our newest junior high class curriculum, JHS 3. As the last level of junior high school before our students leave Challenging Heights to enroll in senior high school, the JHS 3 class is an essential part of providing a basic education to our amazing students. Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to equip these talented children with the proper education to propel them into their bright futures.

New Textbooks for Classes 3, 4, 5, and 6!

4 September 2013

As the new school year begins next week, Challenging Heights students will be excited to find that due to your generous donations, they will receive brand new Grammar textbooks for the coming school year. Previously, due to lack of resources, the students had to copy much of these textbooks by hand in order to complete their homework assignments. Now they will be able to take their own copy of the textbook home for individual study, allowing more time for active learning in the classroom. Thank you sponsors for making this possible!

Boarders Get Kitchen Equipment!

8 May 2013

19 boarders moved in to school this week ready to start the third term and were welcomed back with a surprise! The Boarding House is now equipped with everything the children need to start cooking for themselves and one another: a 3 burner automatic stove, gas cylinder, pots, pans and ladles, banku pots and fufu sticks, washing up bowls and chopping boards!