You don’t need to get on a plane to help end child trafficking in Ghana; you can campaign, raise awareness, and fundraise in your home country. Below are a number of ways you can work with us to help end child slavery and trafficking in Ghana, with links to more information:


Become a sponsor

We rely on the generosity of individuals for much of what we do. If you would like to donate a regular amount each month to support our work then we would welcome you warmly to our family. You can find out more on our Sponsors page.

Become a fundraiser

We have a growing team of people who fundraise for us in their communities back home. Our sister organisation Friends of Challenging Heights, based in the USA, coordinates all the fantastic work our fundraising team does in the USA and beyond. We can advise you on organising events or other fundraisers. If you enjoy fundraising and want to help us better assist children and their families in Ghana, please get in touch with us and send an email to Jessie.

Get involved in local media

Write an op-ed for a local newspaper or online news source, explaining to readers what modern slavery looks like in general. Write specifically about what is happening to children in the fishing industry on the Volta Lake and elaborate on the work that Challenging Heights is doing. Give readers concrete actions to fight child trafficking, such as contributing at, donating an in-kind contribution (laptops, clothing, etc.), and coming to visit Challenging Heights.

Advocate for Challenging Heights on social media

It’s easy enough to ‘like’ our social media pages and share our content. Post once per week about each of the different programmes at Challenging Heights or tweet short facts that give insight into the problem. Share photographs and videos that convey powerful messages about what it is like to be in (or come out of) slavery. Our social media links are: FacebookInstagram, Twitter

Present at a community meeting

Ask your local community centre, church, synagogue, mosque, or temple if you can host an event to raise awareness for modern slavery. Ask them to make a public announcement about the event–perhaps after weekly services. Hang up posters around town, in businesses and at universities. Deliver our prepared Powerpoint presentation and ask people to contribute or volunteer. Fill out our interest form for help with this.

Host a guest speaker at your university or community

Get in contact with an academic or professional in the area and try to set up a time, place and venue that works for the person. For example, is there a professor who teaches about modern slavery or human rights, or perhaps an anti-slavery organisation within driving time of you? They can give an overview on human trafficking, and you can follow up with a presentation about Challenging Heights or simply ask for donations.

Sign up for Amazon Smile

Did you know that Challenging Heights can benefit from your regular shopping on Amazon, at no extra cost to you? Simply go to and choose Friends of Challenging Heights as the beneficiary.