Our interns and short-term volunteers usually stay with us from two weeks to six months, dependent on current needs. We welcome applications from individuals from all walks of life, though appointment is subject to a competitive application and interview process. Our internships and volunteer placements are needs-led, so please contact us if you feel you have a skill that might be valuable to us, and we will try to match your skill-set to our needs. Please read about both of these programmes below.

In line with our child protection policy, we require all interns and volunteers to provide a police record check from their country of origin before arrival in Ghana.


Internship placements

We are looking for passionate, talented interns to help us build our organisation and advocate on our behalf. Experience of living or working overseas—particularly in the Global South—would be an advantage, though resilience, adaptability and a positive outlook on life are what you really need.

Internships are available for one to six months. We usually expect interns to begin their stay with us by participating in the Advocates Programme, and we will reimburse the programme fee for interns who stay for 2 months or more. Internships are unpaid, and interns are responsible for their own costs whilst at Challenging Heights, though we do provide airport pick-up and drop-off.

Applications are rolling and based on organisational need. As our needs change over time, the descriptions below are examples only, and we encourage you to think creatively about what role you might play with us.

  • Research: designing and conducting an intensive research project either with our staff or in the field. While we have specific research needs, we welcome proposals from all interested individuals and teams from the baccalaureate through doctorate levels.
  • Partnerships & Fundraising: cultivating partnerships in Ghana and abroad, contributing to fundraising proposals, and working with international ‘friends’ who advocate and fundraise on our behalf.
  • Reading Tutor / After-school Coach: helping small groups of children practise their reading at the school library and leading extra classes after school for slow learners. Organising indoor & outdoor play activities and facilitating child rights clubs after school. Experienced interns may conduct training sessions for less experienced teachers and produce teaching & learning materials for the teachers.
  • Administrative Assistant: providing human resource or secretarial support and helping with the smooth running of the office.
  • Advocacy: assisting our communications and advocacy programme by researching, writing policy papers, and meeting with stakeholders.
  • Play Leader / Teaching Assistant: organising indoor and outdoor play activities on afternoons, evenings and weekends with the children at the CH shelter. This is a longer-term internship because of the sensitive nature of working with children during rehabilitation. Preference will be given to applicants who speak a Ghanaian language spoken by the children at our shelter (Fante, Twi, Ewe, Effutu). Basic shared accommodation and full-board meals are available at the shelter for a weekly fee; otherwise daily travel will be required.
  • Social Work / Child Monitoring: Assisting our Reintegration team in determining guardians’ suitability to care for children, educating families on the importance of human rights and formal education, and monitoring reintegrated children for their success and safety. These interns must speak at least one of the following languages, in addition to English: Fante, Twi, Ewe, or Effutu.


Skilled professional volunteer opportunities

Challenging Heights has certain needs throughout the year that can only be filled by skilled professionals. If you have a field of expertise that can benefit our work internally or help fight trafficking in our communities, we invite you to be in touch about a partnership. We respectfully request that you do not offer a skill which you are not sufficiently qualified or experienced to perform in your own country. Given the additional cultural and language barriers you may face, it is important that you consider your proven track record in the context of the skills requested. We hope you will understand that volunteer invitations are needs-led and cannot always be accommodated.

Some examples of regularly needed skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Opticians / Optometrists and audiologists or ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat): conducting vision or hearing exams and fitting children with eyeglasses or hearing aids. We request such professionals arrive with a wide set of eyeglasses or hearing aids, as they are not readily available in the Winneba area.
  • Economic development: advising CH and community stakeholders on local economic needs, cooperative development, and community-scale sustainability in order to prevent child trafficking.
  • Accountants / Grant-writers: reviewing organisational financial systems and/or conducting a 1-2 week refresher course on financial and accounting processes. Additionally, grant/proposal writers who can similarly provide trainings.
  • Art Therapist / Counsellor / Social Worker: practising art therapy or other forms of non-verbal counselling or therapy at our rehabilitation shelter. (Please note that the children at the shelter are not fluent in English, and often speak no English at the start of their stay, so your role may be limited by your language abilities. We request this volunteer position be undertaken over a longer period of time, given the attachment many children develop with such volunteers. Basic shared accommodation and full-board meals are available at the Shelter for a weekly fee; otherwise daily travel will be required.)\
  • Social Work and/or Teacher Trainers: training new shelter staff and teachers on best practices and/or providing refresher trainings to existing staff.
  • IT Expert / Network Management: overhauling Challenging Heights’ IT systems and providing hardware/software to help office and field staff better perform their jobs.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Expert: training management on best practices for improving organisational effectiveness.
  • Group volunteerism visits: We welcome small groups who can plan and execute short-term programmes designed to tackle the driving factors of trafficking or to build our infrastructure. These may include activities outside our wheelhouse such as family planning trainings/clinics, or any of the above skills.
  • What skill do you have? Maybe you’re not a human trafficking expert—but you can still contribute to the cause! Let us know how you think you can help. (And if you are an anti-HT practitioner, please be in touch—we are actively looking to exchange best practices and ideas with other professionals in our field.)

To Apply

Please fill out our interest form and indicate your preferences as well as the time period you propose to spend your internship or volunteer opportunity. If we have a current need, we will invite you to submit your CV/resume and covering letter.