Children visit home to prepare for reintegration

Challenging Heights —  June 21, 2017

Visiting home for the first time after being rescued from modern slavery on Lake Volta.

It’s a relatively routine morning in Joma, a small town along the coast of Ghana. Women are walking the streets, selling produce carefully balanced on their heads. Children are in school, sitting with their attention turned to their teachers. At one house, young children play near their homes while their parents tend to chores, like braiding hair and cooking for the mid-day meal. In the middle of this routine, the Challenging Heights bus pulls up and four boys file out. This is their home, one they haven’t seen in years.

At Challenging Heights, we know that we provide high-quality care to the children who have been rescued from modern slavery at the Challenging Heights Hovde House. We also know that there is always room for improvement, which is why we’re taking a close look at our reintegration practices, comparing them to the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration from Family for Every Child and seeing how we can best incorporate their recommendations into our practices.

One thing that we recognised that we could be doing was to better prepare the children for their transition back home. Many of them have been gone for several years. Some of their families have moved while they were working on Lake Volta. In order to give them a better idea of what they can expect at home, such as who will be there, how far away school will be and what their future will hold, we did our first ever supervised home visits for children who will be reintegrated in a few months.

Children having a meal with their family members on a supervised visit home.

There were joyful hugs from siblings of all ages. There was exploring houses to see where they might sleep. There were walks around the neighbourhood to figure out where the best place to buy biscuits is.

And in Joma, the boys embraced their grandmother, sat down all together with their siblings and their aunts and had a meal together for the first time in a long time.

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