The Challenging Heights Hovde House is expanding

Challenging Heights —  November 13, 2017

So far in 2017, we have cared for 128 children at the Challenging Heights Hovde House. That means that 128 children are no longer in modern slavery. Every child received psychological care, emotional support and educational opportunities.

Our recovery shelter has been filled to capacity throughout the year. Therefore, we postponed rescues until we had the space available to bring children to the shelter.

We started this year with the new goal of ending child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry within the next five years. In order to do that, we must expand our shelter. Here’s our plan.

Phase 1: new classrooms

Right now, the shelter has four classrooms on the ground floor and a shared space that acts as the library, therapy room and recreation room. These spaces and the current dormitories are all a part of one building.

We are starting construction on a new building consisting of six classrooms and a dedicated library. The classrooms will be detached from the main building in the backyard, which will allow the boys and girls the experience of leaving where they live to go to school. One thing that we strive to do at the shelter is to give the children an experience that will be similar to what life will be like once they return home. This will help us to do that.

As the number of children being cared for at the shelter increases, six new classrooms will allow us to keep class sizes small. Small class sizes allow the children to receive individualised instruction and attention.

Finally, having a dedicated library will provide a specialised space for the boys and girls to explore new worlds through print. Access to books and engaging reading materials is such an important part of any child’s education and provides a strong foundation for success.

We estimate that the cost of this first phase of construction will cost about $120,000. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have about half of the necessary funding and have broken ground on the foundation. You can learn here on how to donate or start a fundraiser to support this great cause.

Phase 2: new dormitories

Once the new classrooms are built, the current classrooms will be converted into dormitories. The second story of the building will be extended above the current classrooms to create new dormitories as well. In total, the new dorms will be able to accommodate up to 100 survivors of modern slavery.

Right now, we have one dorm for girls and three dorms for boys, all on the second floor. We plan to have the coverted classrooms become the girls’ dormitories, giving them their own space on the ground floor. The boys will remain upstairs, and the new rooms will allow them to share space with other boys their own age.

With the anticipated increase in the number of children at the shelter, we’ve also planned for more shelter assistants. These are the staff members that spend all day and night at the shelter, acting as surrogate parents for the children. Rooms and living quarters for the new staff members are a part of the plan.

We estimate the cost of the addition on the second floor and converting the current classrooms will be about $70,000.

You can make the end of child trafficking a reality

By increasing the capacity of the Challenging Heights Hovde House, you’ll be the catalyst for ending child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry.

You can make a contribution to the construction, or you can create your own fundraiser. We’d love to have you on board!

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