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Challenging Heights —  July 31, 2018

In a country where 1.9 million children 5 to 17 years of age are engaged in some form of child labor, ensuring Ghanaian youth receive an adequate education can be challenging. Ghana easily reached their Education Millennium Development Goal and High School is now free throughout the country. Clearly, Ghana’s efforts in education are unparalleled in the African continent. Yet, more than 500,000 Ghanaian children are still not enrolled in primary school and despite tremendous progress, too many Ghanaian youth continue to be forced into child labor and denied the opportunity to attend school. With your support, Challenging Heights is helping many of these young children reach for a brighter future by giving them the care they need and placing education at the forefront of our fight against child trafficking in Ghana. The support Challenging Heights has received from countries such as the Netherlands and Australia, exemplifies the importance of our global network of generous donors in helping us to develop our impactful educational programs. For example, thanks to the help of a Dutch NGO, we have launched Youth Empowerment Programs which give our youth the ability to learn employable skills such as phone and satellite repair. We have also come to realize the significance of small class sizes at the shelter in order to ensure every student can receive valuable one-on-one time with their teachers. Our small class sizes create a comfortable environment for students to immerse themselves in the learning process, engage with their teachers and peers and ask important questions. In another instance, after hearing about the importance of education in the prevention of child trafficking, the organization Australian AID donated money to Challenging Heights to help us construct an up-to-date computer lab for our students. While we have much more work to do in fighting child trafficking in Ghana, we are certain that our impactful educational programs are making a big difference in the lives of each child here at Challenging Heights – we are empowering them to expand their horizons and set their sights on far greater heights. Written By Intern: Jack Payne

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