Human Trafficking In Colombia: A Brief Update
By Solweig Ogereau

Colombia has a history of human trafficking. In 2001, the International Organisation for Migration1 set up a programme to fight against the transfer of individuals done with the aim of exploiting them, whether inside or outside of the country.

La Educación Para Florecer.
By Nicole Mendez
Hay muchos países en los que la educación es un derecho, tanto como hay otros donde es un privilegio. La presencia de un sistema de educación que sea bueno y estable es fundamental.
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If School Cannot Do It, Life Will
By Mlondi Mahlalela
Nkomazi is a rural area of South Africa, east of Johannesburg, where most young people have access to both primary and secondary schools, but the offerings of these schools are infamously poor in quality.
Changes to be made to the South African Education System, as seen by a South African Learner
By Mpumi Ngwenyama
Research shows that South Africa has the worst education system compared to other countries (Ngozo & Mtantato, 2018). This may come as a surprise to many readers, recognizing South Africa as one of the more politically and economically stable countries on the continent, …
The Turtle Story, My Story
By Given Sandamela
Acts of Bravery Acts of Bravery – Within an antique farmland dwelled two turtles inside a fallen tree trunk. Temperatures had dropped dramatically and were lower than they had been in the past five years.
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