We are Hiring a Communications Officer

(International Employees only)

This role complements a local hire. Therefore, please pay particular attention to the following requirements before you read further:

This role is strictly for applicants who have lived, worked, schooled, or are from, America, or Europe. Spouses of expatriates living in Ghana who may want a half-day work, or three days a week work, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Challenging Heights is a child-centered NGO which works to address the issues of child labor/trafficking, youth development, women’s empowerment, and advocacy. More information on the organization could be accessed at www.challengingheights.org.

The Challenging Heights Communications Officer oversees the organization’s outward and aspects of internal communications, and online media presence. This includes but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook, weekly blog posts, quarterly newsletters, MailChimp, website modifications, creation of annual reports, collaborating on funding exploration, fundraising outreach and advocacy campaigns. The communications officer role has a variety of ongoing projects, and it is important to stay flexible and creative. Directly supervising the Communications Officer is a Senior Manager.

Primary job duties:

Responsible for Challenging Heights’ online media presence, maintaining up to date and engaging content on the website and other social media platforms as a means of marketing the organization and what we do.

Creating Challenging Heights informational materials such as newsletters and annual reports for internal and external use.

Taking pictures, videos, and creating other visual media that will be used in Challenging Heights promotions and campaigns.

Maintaining, developing and cataloguing all such communications materials in a database to be used by yourself and colleagues.

Supporting in developing data-driven concept development, funding exploration, and fundraising campaigns.

Keeping up to date on all Challenging Heights news, events and current activities so that you can confidently communicate with colleagues and external audiences about what we do.

Advising, assisting and supporting colleagues with other communications, and new media activities in order to help align messages, audiences and content.

Important Qualities and Skill Requirements

Strong written skills.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Strong social media person.

Ability to take and edit basic photographs/videos for social media.

Organizational skills.


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.


Two weeks from the date of this publication.

Submission of applications

Qualified applicants should submit their applications through the Challenging Heights page on www.idealist.org, and should use the application tracker in the following link:

Communications Officer - Idealist