Challenging Heights promotes youth and family empowerment and children’s rights to education and freedom from forced labour in Ghana.


We provide educational support to hundreds of vulnerable or underserved children.


We rescue trafficked children and provide survivors with aftercare.


We support communities to build resistance to slavery and keep their children in school.


We seek to influence national policy and create advocates to help fight modern slavery.

Challenging Heights School students have begun their final term exams as they prepare for their term vacation.

4 days ago

Today we remember and honour the victims and those who fought to end the grand human injustice of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Yet, we must not forget that slavery did not end with the abolition of this system and we must continue fighting for the freedom of all human beings!

5 days ago

Orientation for soap training was held and now those registered will be learning to make various kinds of soaps to sell and use on their own!

6 days ago

Watch the full documentary of Slaves of the Lake as two survivors of child trafficking, rescued by Challenging Heights, discuss child labour on Lake Volta.

1 week ago

This week students from various local Primary and Junior High Schools ran, jumped and threw as best they could as they competed in the annual field games! Today finals will be competed, awards given, and even the teachers will have a friendly race.

1 week ago

“If you want peace, work for justice” -Pope Paul VI We hope to see a world where the rights of every child to education and a family life are realized.

1 week ago

Remember Mr. Quansah from the Community Child Protection Committee and guest on our radio programme? Learn more about how he is preventing child trafficking in his community.

1 week ago

Be an active member in the fight against child slavery in Ghana by becoming a Challenging Heights monthly sponsor. You will help ensure the sustainability of our programmes that help rescue child slaves and ensure no more are forced into hazardous child labour on Lake Volta.

1 week ago

Our field operations team have embarked on another mission to Yeji to rescue children from a life of modern slavery.

2 weeks ago

In Ghana, an estimated 193,100 people are trapped in modern slavery-many of whom are child victims of trafficking. Become part of the solution!

2 weeks ago