Challenging Heights promotes youth and family empowerment and children’s rights to education and freedom from forced labour in Ghana.


We provide educational support to hundreds of vulnerable or underserved children.


We rescue trafficked children and provide survivors with aftercare.


We support communities to build resistance to slavery and keep their children in school.


We seek to influence national policy and create advocates to help fight modern slavery.

“It is possible to eradicate child slavery soon if we are determined. There is nothing the human spirit cannot do if it is spiced with determination.”- James Kofi Annan

James in the Portuguese media:


22 minutes ago

We have started a new radio programme to provide listeners with information about child right’s. Next weeks programme will consist of our advocacy manger, field operations manager and community relations manager discussing child neglect.
What topic would you like to hear discussed on the weekly programme?

1 day ago

Our ambitious and enthusiastic library staff have started Library Club at CHS! It is designed to continue to support and excite reading in the students. Members will be a knowledge source for their peers in addition to be checking out at least one book a week.

2 days ago

5.5 million signatures for the 5.5 million children still held in modern slavery.
Take time today to SIGN the petition telling the UN to put child slavery on the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

3 days ago

“We want to call on the government of Ghana and the people of Ghana to stand up to support children who are still enslaved”
-David Kofi Awusi

4 days ago

“The impact of this trip will affect me forever”
A group of Sunwest Bank volunteers spent three days re-painting our rehabilitation shelter…here is what they have to say about their experience.

1 week ago

“The slavery system thrives on vulnerability and ignorance. For me, addressing education is number one, and empowerment of women is number two because you need to empower women to support their children in school.”
James Kofi Annan interviews with the Thomson Reuters Foundation

1 week ago

Winneba residents be sure to listen to Radio Peace at 88.7 FM in one hour (5pm-6pm) for our new radio programme. Learn about CH, child trafficking and various forms of child protection!

1 week ago

Educate yourself and create awareness. How can you help end modern slavery?

1 week ago

We have started our weekly media program “Mbofra Banbo” where we discuss different aspects and perspectives of child protection. Are you in the Winneba area? Be sure to tune in to RadioPeace at 88.9 FM every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm!

1 week ago