Challenging Heights promotes youth and family empowerment and children’s rights to education and freedom from forced labour in Ghana.





We provide educational support to hundreds of vulnerable children in  underserved communities.
We rescue trafficked children, providing survivors with comprehensive rehabilitation and aftercare.
We support economic empowerment in communities to build resistance to slavery and keep children in school.
We influence national policy, raise awareness through media outreach and create advocates to fight modern slavery.
What’s happening today

Challenging Heights

How old can a child be left alone at home to fend for him/herself? What do you do if a teenager is hanging out with the wrong crowd? How do you discipline students without resorting to a cane? How much do parents’ behaviours affect small children? These are all topics of interest in our newly established Child Protection Training. Thanks to funding from Family for Every Child, we’re able to offer our staff and parents of reintegrated and at-risk children important lessons in child development and how to best keep children safe and healthy.

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