Challenging Heights promotes youth and family empowerment and children’s rights to education and freedom from forced labour in Ghana.


We provide educational support to hundreds of vulnerable or underserved children.


We rescue trafficked children and provide survivors with aftercare.


We support communities to build resistance to slavery and keep their children in school.


We influence national policy and create advocates to fight modern slavery.

Students with Mercy Project caught some Challenging Heights highlights on a recent visit. They saw the shelter’s “farm” and garden, and helped with a new bee hive initiative. In these photos, they’re chatting with our president, James Kofi Annan, and checking out the Livelihoods’ fish smoking site, Challenging Heights’ Community Library, and Hovde Foundation Shelter.

2 days ago

Challenging Heights joins the #igivehope campaign as we support World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Help us in the pursuit to end child slavery in #Ghana.

3 days ago

It takes a lot to keep all the programmes going at Challenging Heights! Here’s an inside look at how our finance department gets things done. Check out this week’s blog:

4 days ago

Our Livelihoods Programmes work hard to strengthen families economically, to keep children at home, safe and healthy. Challenging Heights contributed a paper to this USAid funded symposium. The report on Keeping Children and Families Together with Economic Strengthening is now online; check it out!

5 days ago

These Challenging Heights Students are thinking critically after school. They’re part of the Girls Learn International club, discussing human rights, children’s rights and gender equality. They talk about how they can be the beacon for change in their own communities and share their thoughts with schools in New York and New Jersey, where students are talking about how the same issues affect their lives. Letters are exchanged across the Atlantic!

6 days ago

Our Livelihoods farmers met to discuss any issues or concerns as their seedlings mature. We sent them home with some fertilizer to help them grow and then sell the best produce possible!

1 week ago

Safety first! Local representatives from the Ghana National Fire Service came for an in-depth fire safety training at the Challenging Heights office in Sankor. We learned about potential causes of fires, and what to do (and not do!) if there is a fire. We’re now prepared, and had fun learning and practicing, too!

1 week ago

“The child comes to you and tells you how they feel, how they are happy to be here, how you love them, and they’ve never felt something like that. It’s amazing.” Our Challenging Heights Hovde Foundation Shelter has such compassionate staff working with the rescued children. Read more about their interactions on this week’s blog.

1 week ago

Keeping the Challenging Heights School grounds clean is sometimes part of the responsibility of misbehaving students. Instead of being hit or caned, as many Ghanian schools use for punishment, CHS is proud of its non-violent discipline directive. Troublemakers may be asked to stay after school to sweep, write tedious passages on the blackboard, or sit in time out. We hope other schools in the area follow suit and refrain from violent forms of punishing students.

1 week ago

Call on your governments to update international protections for victims of forced labour. Help us and Walk Free end slavery today!

1 week ago