Invest in freedom.

Every child deserves a childhood, an education, a chance to be free. There are thousands of children working in Ghana’s fishing industry on Lake Volta, and you can give them the life they deserve.

Invest in a better world.

Your gift is an investment, because you’re not just funding ongoing programmes, you’re funding the end of child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry.

That means zero children sold, zero children taken, and zero children coerced into the fishing industry from poor coastal communities. And that, we think, is a huge return on investment.

"I feel safe and happy here."

Growing up, Kow* was a happy child. He was going to school and loved to play with his brothers and sisters. However, when his father died his mother had difficulty paying for the funeral and continuing to care for her children.


When a woman came, promising a better life for Kow*, it seemed like a great opportunity. His mother didn’t know that he would end up working on Lake Volta for three years.


Donors like you gave Kow* a chance at the life he deserves.


“I feel safe and happy here, because nobody abuses me and there is no hard work here.”

Do you want to change the lives of children?