Your gift is considered an investment because you’re not just funding ongoing programs, you’re funding the end of child trafficking in Ghana. That means zero children sold, zero children taken, and zero children coerced into the fishing industry from these poor coastal communities. And that, we think, is a huge return on investment.

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Become a Sponsor

CH Sponsors are people who care about meeting the ongoing needs of rescued children. Sponsor chooses a specific need, rather than a specific child — fostering a culture at the shelter that mirrors a family, is sustainable, and allows us to plan ahead (saving time and precious dollars). As a sponsor, you’ll receive bi-monthly updates on how your gifts are being put to work.

Here’s an idea of what your sponsorship can do. You can give any amount you want for as long as you want!

$12 = Clothing, personal effects (1 child)
$36 = on-going medical treatment (2 children)
$70 = educational materials (class of 10)
$112 = food + clean drinking water (1 child)
$150 = good behaviour rewards/prizes, play and sports equipment (all children)

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