We aim to reduce and prevent child trafficking and protect children’s rights in Ghana. This happens through our three core programmes:


Rescue & Recovery

We directly rescue children in forced labour and offer a holistic programme of rehabilitation and reintegration. With support from the Hovde Foundation we built a rehabilitation centre that can offer continuous survivor rehabilitation and recovery support. In addition, we work with communities to help survivors and the vulnerable continue to live in freedom, as well as train Community Child Protection Committees to protect children.

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We have identified a number of the root causes for child trafficking in the source communities where we work and are addressing them through community engagement and a variety of programmes. We aim to address poverty, both in the ways our community members are currently experiencing it and its cyclical nature, through economic empowerment programmes for women and youth. We are promoting children’s right to education with our community library and working with schools to reduce the barriers to access. Our presence in the community through Community Child Protection Committees and Alternative Dispute Resolution gives people a chance to prevent and avoid trafficking before it begins.

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We are vocal advocates of human rights. We seek strong engagement with lawmakers, government agencies, civil society organisations, local and multinational agencies, media and other stakeholders. We strive to ensure that decision making and policy formulation are participatory and take an integrated approach to the needs of children; assessing the impact of social and economic policies on women and children at the local, national and international level is central to this. We campaign for children’s rights and seek to promote the prosecution of traffickers.

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