Youth Empowerment Programme Graduates Eager Entrepreneurs

“In your own one corner, you can start something that in the near future will guarantee something better.” 

These words, spoken by John Degraft Sam, were part of an inspiring graduation ceremony as students who completed the Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) set out to forge careers and seek new opportunities.

Sam, a former Challenging Heights student, now being supported to qualify as a teacher, reminded the graduates that their learning is not complete. He and their Information Communications and Technology (ICT) teacher, Sir Isaac, expressed the Challenging Heights mantra, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” They hope newly developed computer and leadership skills will translate into entrepreneurial ventures and future opportunity

“You might not think you have much, but it is enough!” Sir Isaac told the graduates. He said he has only provided the first step in training, but the students should not feel that they’re unqualified or unable to learn more and get further in life.

Florence, 29, is a teacher at Challenging Heights School. As a YEP graduate, she appreciates the leadership skills she now has, including experience in how to communicate with people and manage money and resources. Florence hopes to start a local market in her area, Waterworks, which currently does not have one.

Thanks to ICT training, Florence expects to be able to find a good site, raise money for the business, and figure out how to price products to sell. She wants to be able to offer job opportunities for others in her neighbourhood once she expands.

Computer skills are what Asemani Kwamene, 19, is glad to have mastered. He is the first in his family to go to senior high school, and he plans to be the first to go to university. He said programs like Microsoft Publisher and CorelDRAW will help him in future studies. Asemani wants to become a teacher or lecturer, so he can share knowledge with others. As the oldest son, he wants his ICT training to be an example for his younger siblings to follow.

Florence and Asemani, along with nearly 50 other students, are part of the 7th graduating class in the programme aimed at empowering 15 to 25 year olds.

The program is free, thanks to Empower as the partner sponsor, and young people have already started signing up for the next session.