Seeing the Positive Effects of Radio Advocacy in Our Community

As our radio programme, aimed at local, Ghanaian, audience, continues we have been excited to see the impacts it has made over the past weeks. 

Mr. Quansah, an extremely active CCPC member, joined Advocacy Manager David Kofi Awusi to discuss child trafficking in our communities. The week after Mr. Quansah, a Challenging Heights Student, Felicia, joined David Kofi Awusi to discuss how trafficking prevents children from going to school and the consequences.

But the most exciting part is the number of listeners who call asking questions, reporting cases, and seeking help.

While Mr. Quansah was on the radio programme discussing trafficking one man called to ask if somebody has his or her own child that they want to traffic, even if it was to get money to send them to school, why they should be stopped? We saw this as a great opportunity to discuss the law that deems trafficking as a criminal offence as well as the conditions on the lake and how it affects the children. Mr. Quansah explained that even if children are sent back they often have acquired some form of illness, curable or incurable. These illnesses become expensive and often parents can’t afford to properly treat the illness or if it is untreatable they don’t have the means to give the child the proper continuous treatment they may need, both ending in the suffering of the child.

What we found most impactful during Felicia’s session was that a man called who was listening to the show with his young nephew who refused to go to school and for Felicia to specifically share something with the boy about why he really needs to go to school.

Felicia maturely answered by directly telling this boy that if he wants to realize his vision and dreams he needs to go to school. School will teach him how to read, write, and give him the knowledge he needs to get a good job and to create a better future for himself.

In addition to the various questions asked in regards to the programme, the radio programme has enticed callers to share their own stories confirming that child trafficking exists in Ghana. Others have called to congratulate Challenging Heights on the work and giving words of encouragement to continue while others call to reach out to the government through the programme asking for laws that protect children to be enforced. While others have called to report cases, including a young boy calling to report his own case of child neglect. We have been able to take contact numbers and get this young boy connected with our programmes team to investigate his case.

Through these calls and the questions of the listeners we can confidently say that our weekly radio programme is impacting and creating awareness among a large group of people and are excited to see how else it impacts our local communities.

In the Winneba area? Be sure to tune in today and every Wednesday at 5pm on Radio Peace 88.9 FM