Challenging Heights Students Find Passions and Talents in After School Clubs

Challenging Heights School (CHS) students are staying busy as many participate in various CHS after school programmes.

At CHS students have the opportunity to be a part of activist, social, academic, discipline, and arts programmes. Such clubs include Girls Learn International, Culture Group, School Choir, Children’s Development Khazana, Drama Club, Fante Club, Cadets, Child Rights Group, and various other programmes. Many students chose to join multiple groups to stay engaged after school.

We often see these groups create confidence and leadership in the students. For some what get’s them excited is discussing the rights of children and learning about other places around the world, others love the discipline learned and practiced in groups like cadets, and yet others love to participate in clubs that let them perform for crowds.

Joining clubs help students discover their likes, dislikes and talents. Students may join several clubs but realize they found their passion in one particular club based on natural skill and personal interest. For several students this has really benefitted them in school, community, and personally. One young girl has been very actively involved in football club and through her passion, talent, coaching, and practice she was chosen to play for the Girls National Team (young girls still in school)

When students choose to stay after school and participate in these various clubs they are showing their dedication towards self-growth that their parents also see. Families then often support decisions the children are making and in some ways it has to steer them away from the idea of trafficking their child.

CHS clubs provide a safe environment for children to be in after-school hours, it allows students to be involved in various things that interest them, pursue their passions and talents and stay on a positive life track. We hope to see many of these students continue their passions after they complete their school at Challenging Heights and that in some ways these clubs help guide them