Women's Vocational Centre

We recognise the systemic oppression of women; women encounter greater barriers to education and employment than men and are often straddled with greater responsibility for children. Consequently, we focus some of our preventative efforts on equipping and elevating this historically marginalised group. By empowering women, they are able to make a living and be less likely to have more children than they can afford. Located in Senya, a location in Ghana that is found to be a hotspot for fishermen to traffic children due to the impoverished living conditions of the families, our Women’s Vocational Centre offers training for young women in two vocations: sewing and catering. The current facility includes four classrooms, and application and tuition is free. The programme lasts for two years, at the end of which, each graduate writes standardised examinations and receives the nationally-recognised NVTI certificate. In addition to recognition, this certificate affords graduates the credentials necessary to pursue further levels of vocational education.