Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP)

Economically empowering caregivers, especially women, is vital in preventing child trafficking. The majority of people in Winneba are fisher- and farmer-folk and much of their work is affected by weather and seasons. As climate change contributes to the unpredictable nature of weather and harvests, fishing and farming don’t always provide a sustainable income. Fishing in Winneba is seasonal, with large catches of fish happening only three months out of the year. During these months, there are no means to preserve caught fish. Fishermen are forced to throw away what they do not sell or sell at a very low cost, resulting in lost income. The CH Cold Store addresses many of these issues: women have a guaranteed supply of fish available locally and fisherfolk have a place to preserve large catches of fish. We have erected a community smokehouse near the cold store with 58 smoke ovens open to women in the community. Small cooperatives of women are able to use the smokehouse, free of charge. Women come here to smoke fish to sell throughout the community and region.