40,000 pairs of shoes distributed to children in need

For the past few weeks, our field team has been visiting schools around Winneba and the Central Region to distribute 40,000 pairs of shoes to school children in need. Thanks to the generous donation of TOMS Shoes for education, we have been able to provide shoes no only to our children at the Hovde House shelter, where survivors of child slavery are rehabilitated before being reintegrated, but also to thousands of school children who are at risk of being trafficked, dropping out of school or are living in poverty.

We began our distribution focus on schools that have welcomed and supported our reintegrated children in their process and will focus on schools most in need next. We hope that the shoes will inspire pride in the children for attending school, thus encouraging attendance, as well as provide a measure of improved health and safety.

This is the second year in a row that we have partnered with TOMS Shoes for Education, and we hope that it is a lasting partnership for the years to come.