Get Involved This Anti-Trafficking Month

All over the world women, children and men are trafficked into modern slavery. In Ghana, over 190,000 people are estimated to be in modern slavery, many of whom are children trafficked to Lake Volta. January is anti-trafficking month dedicated to help spread awareness and end child trafficking. At Challenging Heights we hope to end the trafficking of children and see every child in school and a safe and loving famiy.

So, you’re wondering how can you be involved in helping end child trafficking? Here are a few tips to join the movement in ending child trafficking.

Many children are trafficked throughout Ghana on public transportation. Sign our petition to ensure every vehicle is screened for unaccompanied minors traveling in order to prevent more children from being sent to a life of modern slavery.

Become a Challenging Heights advocate, either by joining one of our advocate programmes or becoming an advocate in your hometown:

Get informed!

  • According to the l Slavery Index Report over 35.8 million people are enslaved around the world.
  • Over 190,000 people are enslaved in Ghana alone.
  • 49,000 children are working on Lake Volta ((ILO/IPEC) Analytical Study onChild Labour In Lake Volta Fishing in Ghana)
  • 21,000 of those children are considered to be involved in hazardous child labour- many of whom have been trafficked from different communities through-out Ghana.

Write to your local government representative to push for legislative measures that allocate resources to prevent child trafficking and that offer victims of trafficking support. Also sign the Walk Free petition to prioritise slavery in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Become a voice and a resource in your community. Get involved in local anti-trafficking/slavery organizations near you.

Donate or create your own fundraiser to help sustain programmes that support the direct rescue of trafficked children and that prevent more children from being trafficked.

YOU can become a part of the movement to end child trafficking in Ghana and around the world. How will you get involved?