21 Children have been rescued from Lake Volta!

We are thrilled to announce that our rescue team has rescued 21 new children from Lake Volta! The rescue, done in collaboration with the anti-human trafficking unit, social warfare, and the Ghana police service evolved around nine communities on the Lake.

The communities were, Kopedeke, Nkwanta, Kafabai No.1, Quarter-quarter, Ada, Mahama kuromu, Bassare , Yeji no.1 and free town. During the operation, the rescue team rescued five (5) children from nkwanta, five (5) children from kopedeke, three (3) children from kafabai No.1, two (2) children from quare-quarter, three (3) children from Ada kuromu, two (2) children from Bassare and one (1) child from mahama ekura.

All the children rescued were trafficked and taken through the worst forms of child labour and abuse. Most of them had tooth decay, foot rot, swollen toes, and scars from physical abuse. Thirteen (13) out of the total number of them were boys whereas the remaining eight (8) were girls. These children were aged between six and sixteen.

The operation was successful and we can’t take all the credit without appreciating your continuous donations and support, thank you!