Successful Graduation of 19 Students from the Halsted Women's Center!

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of 19 graduates from the Halsted Women’s Center! Congratulations, ladies! 

 These graduates over the past two years gained valuable and marketable expertise in the field of fashion. They were extensively trained in fashion, design, and garment making. Today, we are proud to say we have graduated great fashion designers who will do well in the fashion industry.

 In gratitude for the vocational opportunity provided by Challenging Heights, our graduates bestowed a citation to our current Ag President and thanked everyone who helped them realize their dreams. Our Ag President shared the following words in reception:

“I am very happy to see these young ladies graduate with such a noble profession today. This is not a dream come true for them alone but for me too. I aim to open a fashion factory in the future to help these trained designers sew, train others, and sell their work outside the borders of this country. I’m happy 19 out of the 20 ladies we trained are graduating today though it saddens me that one could not graduate due to health challenges. This project aims to create employment, generate income, help train others, and make the trainees advocate for human rights, especially issues about child trafficking. I would want to use this opportunity to plead with our graduates to let others benefit from what they have gained through this training. Let us all support and encourage these young designers to achieve their dreams now that they have graduated successfully.”

As an organization that champions women and youth empowerment, we wish our new graduates nothing but success and blessings. We hope that the new cohort of women will also come out successful at the end of their training. We are also grateful to our donor who by dint of her unwavering support has made this dream a reality. Way to go Halsted Women’s Center class of 2024 as they embark on new life journeys!