Volunteer Opportunities at Challenging Heights (Ghana)

Economic Development:

Using data to advise Challenging Heights and community members on local economic needs, cooperative development, and community-scale sustainability in order to prevent child trafficking/child.

The volunteer Psychologist/Social Worker, who should hold a minimum of MPhil Degree in an appropriate Psychology/Social Work field, will review/develop tools for assessing children, train case workers, and establish systems for managing abused children, from when the arrive in the safehouse, to when they leave to their homes.

Monitoring & Evaluation Expert:
Training management on best practices for improving organizational effectiveness through provision of data harvesting systems and tools.

Teacher Trainers:
Challenging Heights school (Odobirba Academy) is looking for volunteer teacher trainers, mentors, and volunteers who could produce training contents.

Challenging Heights operates a 50-seater capacity library. Volunteers will help and guide children in reading, shelve books, teach children how to shelve books, and support children to register as members and borrow books from the library.

English, Mathematics, and Science and Teachers:
Challenging Heights is looking for volunteer English, Mathematics, and science teachers who would teach our elementary school children. The ages of the children are not regular, but their educational levels are equivalent to pre-high school adolescents.

Challenging Heights is rolling out musical programs for over 1,000 school children who are in its schools. We are therefore looking for volunteer Voice Trainers, Choir Directors, Music Teachers, Pianists/keyboardists, Guitarists, Flute, and other musical instrument players who would teacher the children how to sing, and how to play instruments.

We are looking for volunteers who could use local information/content to teach/train/direct children in drama performances.

Sports Coaches:
Challenging Heights is looking for volunteer coaches for the following sporting activities for children: Soccer (Ghanaian football), volley ball, tennis ball, Tae Kwando, Athletics, and so on. Apart from the Challenging Heights schools, Challenging Heights also runs football teams for juveniles up to divisional football full-time football. Therefore football coaches for all ages are welcome.
Group Volunteerism visits: We welcome small groups who can plan and execute short-term programmes designed to tackle the driving factors of trafficking or to build our infrastructure.

Designing and conducting an intensive research project either with our staff or in the field. While we have specific research needs, we welcome proposals from all.

Partnerships & Fundraising:
Cultivating partnerships in Ghana and abroad, contributing to fundraising proposals, and designing fundraising tools, as well as setting up online fundraising programs.

Reading Tutor / After-school Coach:
Working as a reading and literacy tutor for small groups of students at the library. Organising indoor & outdoor play activities and facilitating child rights clubs after school.

Human Resources:
Providing human resource or secretarial support and helping with human resources activities.

Assisting our communications and advocacy programme by researching, writing policy papers, and meeting with stakeholders.

Submission of applications:
Qualified applicants should submit their applications through the Challenging Heights page on www.idealist.org, and should use the application tracker in the following link:
Opportunities for volunteering at Challenging Heights in Ghana - Idealist.